Water Safety System

The water system is a high-temperature system and the level and quality of the water inside the water drum play a crucial role in the safe operation of the boiler. Following are the equipment/system fitted on the waterside of the marine boiler:

  • Low/high water level alarm and cutout: The boiler water drum is fitted with a level sensor, which will continuously monitor the level of water inside the drum. A full drum will carry over the water or will have no space to generate steam, thus reducing the efficiency of the boiler; whereas low or no water level in the drum will lead to overheating of tubes and can lead to fire or meltdown of the complete boiler. The low/ high water level provides an early warning to the operator for taking appropriate action to manage the water level inside the boiler water drum.
  • Too low water level alarm and shut down: The initial warning provided by the above arrangement (low/high water level alarm), may not be sufficient for the operator as there can be a major leak in the tubes, leading to a reduction in the water level. Secondary safety is therefore provided i.e. Too low water level alarm and shut down, which will stop the burner firing to control the overheating of the boiler’s internal parts.
  • Water level indicators: The boiler is fitted with multiple water level indicators to make it easy for the operator to see the water drum level and ensure the operational safety of the boiler.

Marine Boiler TDS sensor

  • Salinity Sensor: The boiler drum is fitted with a salinity sensor, which continuously monitors the dissolved solids content in the water. If the solid (e.g. salt) content exceeds the set value, it trips the boiler to ensure the tubes and boiler internals does not get affected due to the contamination. The operator should either blow down the boiler and feed freshwater to the drum to eliminate the cause which is resulting in high salinity (e.g. leakage in the condenser)

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