What is Echosounder?

An echosounder, also known as a depth sounder or echo depth sounder, is an essential piece of equipment on board a ship used for measuring the depth of water beneath the keel.

It works by transmitting sound waves from the ship’s transducer towards the seabed and measuring the time it takes for the sound waves to bounce back off the seabed and return to the transducer.

This data is then displayed on a screen, allowing the navigator to determine the depth of the water at the ship’s current location. Echo sounders are important for maintaining safe navigation, avoiding shallow areas or hazards, and ensuring that the ship has adequate clearance beneath its keel.

They are also used for tasks such as surveying and mapping the seafloor and determining the composition of the seabed.

Ecosounder Display

Navigating a ship can be a challenging task, especially when approaching a port, crossing a bar, or navigating through poorly surveyed areas.

In such situations, the ship’s position may not be accurately known, making it crucial to determine the depth of water and under-keel clearance.

This is where an echo sounder becomes a valuable tool. While GPS, Radar, Decca, Loran, and visual bearings are used to determine the ship’s position, an echo sounder is specifically designed to measure the depth of water beneath the ship.

By sending out sound waves and measuring the time taken for them to bounce back, the echo sounder can provide accurate and reliable depth readings, helping the navigator to avoid running aground and ensuring the safety of the ship and crew.


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