Why Do Ships Have AIS ?

Ships have AIS for several reasons. Firstly, AIS is an important tool for navigation and collision avoidance. It allows ships to identify and track other vessels in their vicinity, as well as navigational aids such as buoys and beacons. This information can be used to make informed navigational decisions and avoid potential collisions.

Secondly, AIS is used for maritime security purposes. It can be used to monitor vessel traffic and identify any suspicious activity or potential security threats. AIS information can also be used for search and rescue operations in the event of an emergency.

Thirdly, AIS is a regulatory requirement for certain types of vessels. For example, SOLAS regulations require all ships over 300 gross tons and all passenger ships to be fitted with AIS.

Finally, AIS is used by shore-based authorities such as VTS centers to monitor vessel traffic and ensure safe navigation in busy waterways. This helps to prevent accidents and ensure efficient use of maritime resources.

Overall, AIS is a critical tool for safe and efficient navigation in the modern maritime industry.

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